DURATION: (5 days 4 nights) 

The Pasto carnivals carried out from January 3 to 7 of colonial origin, where the Pastusos and visitors enjoy the festival, joy, wildness, regardless of the hierarchies, social classes, the only law is joy, satire, and play.

Craftsmen delight the town whit a lot of art, creativity that is expressed in the float parades, musical groups.

The carnival plan includes assistance at carnival events, and a tour whit the most representative places of Nariño as Lajas sanctuary, Cocha lagoon, and visit the master craftsmen of the carnival.

January 3

This day is one of the most important carnival days because it sings to the earth "Pachamama" where more than a million craftsmen are on the stage. the artistic group makes their appearance on the carnival path dancing, playing wind music, drums, quenas, panpipes, showing majestic colorful costumes.

El turista tendrá la oportunidad de ver las agrupaciones en todo su esplendor ya que las calles se inundan de artistas quienes llaman al público a participar, aplaudir e integrarse  con la música y la danza,

The tourist will have the opportunity to see the groups, the street is full of artists who call the public to participate, clap, and be join whit music and dance.

once the parade was over, we went to the workshops of the carnival artisans who going to explain to the tourist the using material, the design of the float, the reason for the parade that take place on January 6, taking pictures with the craftsmen and masters of the carnival. During the city tour, the visitors can enjoy Christmas lights. Later we go to know the paila ice cream a unique experience, here the tourist enjoys a live demonstration of the preparation and tastes a delicious artisanal ice cream of various flavors. Arrival at the hotel.

Recommendations: For the day arrive passager in the morning time before noon, you can enjoy the parade, and enter the grandstand without complications. (parade start time 1:00 pm).

January 4

CASTAÑEDA FAMILY It is a big parade through the streets of the city and an introduction to the Carnival that takes place on January 4, referring to the carnival legends, which said that a Pastusos group invites to the celebration to the Cateñeda family, then to commemorate the Castañeda family arrival. We make a parade whit a lot of comparsas, where the people dress whit period clothes that have the purpose to trace viewers back to the beginning of the last century.

We went to the Lajas sanctuary once the parade ended. In a tour for two hours until arriving at the sanctuary, returning once it lights up.

January 5

NEGRITOS DAY AND COCHA LAGOON We start the day on a trip to Cocha lagoon at 7:30 am, arriving at Puerto sidewalk where we do a tour around the wooden houses that are decorated with flowers, photoshoot, at 9:00 am we going to Corota island walking by the natural park.

11:00 am we visit the civil society reserve for Motilon sector, we have lunch in the reserve or a typical family restaurant, making an interpretive tour in the reserve. .


We going back we play to Negritos in Nariño square and street of the city, the people whit black cosmetic paint their friends, it means that we are the same.

January 6


 It is the biggest event in the city, in the carnival, the float had designed and worked by the craftsmen for one year, showing to the spectators and it goes out on the way through the carnival path appreciate the creativity, imagination, and craziness, floats of more 6 mm decorated. the places are full of happiness, music, dance, individual suits, Playing whit foam and talc.

The tourist can enjoy the event, in the grandstands located for this weekend, observing in the first row the costumes, comparsas, individual costumes, floats, and other reasons that adorn this day.

Visiting the craftsmen artisanal, where all the artisan techniques of our region are present elaborates for indigenous communities, peasants, and craftsmen.


  • transport, travel insurance, snack, entrance to artisanal workshops, talk with the master craftsman, the ticket for the carnival grandstand, logistical support.
  • Entrance to the grandstand, transportation, travel insurance, lunch, departure to Lajas after the parade at 1:00 pm
  • land transport, river transport, entrance to the civil society reserve, typical lunch, typical snack, accompanying guide, a popular game in the main square of Pasto.
  • Ground transportation, entrance to the grandstand, guide, lunch in the grandstand, entrance to the artisan carnival, live demonstration of the preparation of paila ice cream, tasting a glass of artisanal ice cream of various flavors, hydration, accompanying guide, the tour of the leather workshops. 


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