Nariño and Putumayo MYSTIC Tour

DURATION: (6 days, 5 nights)


Tour in the historic center of the city visiting the temples La Catedral de Pasto, San Juan, Cristo Rey and La Merced; places like the Plaza de Nariño, the carnival museum and Pasto varnish workshops, unique craft technique in the world declared cultural heritage of Colombia, finally, we participate in the preparation of the famous handmade ice cream "helado de paila".

INCLUDE: medical assistance card, transportation, specialized guide, typical ice cream of the city (paila ice cream), visit to the carnival museum, visit to the varnish workshop of Pasto, lodging in selected hotel.


we start the trip from Pasto city whit duration of two hours to Ipiales city, during the route, we narrate different aspects of history, culture, and geography about pastuso town. Arriving at the places we visit the commercial Lajas zone, going down to Lajas sanctuary where is mestiza or señora of Lajas, the visitors can have spiritual encounter whit themselves, pray, be in eucharistic, admire the sanctuary architecture, visit the museum and the underground level of this, make short walks fulling of energy and renovation, enjoy the view where is located the sanctuary or just look at the miracle of God in the abyss, always whit the company of guide experts who explain the pictures and sanctuary details.

finishing the visit of sanctuary whit a route in the cableway where they can see the imponent Guaitra canyon that goes across the Nariño department from south to north. Counting the trip to Ecuador republic where we cross the border visiting the old customs house and arriving at Tulcan cemetery where we find unique pieces sculpt in cipre tree, ending the day walking for the commercial zone and going back to Pasto.

INCLUDE: Card of medical assistance, transportation to the sanctuary, trajectory by cableway, input to the museum, typical snack, typical lunch, way to Tulcan and Ecuador, specialized guidance.


Located 40 minutes from Pasto, our first stop is a visit to the village of El Puerto, an ideal place to walk and observe houses made of wood of Swiss influence, adorned with beautiful flowers on their balconies.

During this visit, the tourist will be able to share and experience a traditional day of the peasant family, a wonderful experience to get to know a little of the countryside and rural life of Nariño.

Afterwards, you will navigate by boat through the lagoon until you reach the smallest park in Colombia, "Isla La Corota", where you will walk along its beautiful path.

INCLUDE: Card of medical assistance, input to the peasant family reserve, island Corota nature park entrance, trip in a boat, typical lunch, visit the Puerto sidewalk, typical snack, specialized guidance.


In this tour, the tourist will be surprised by the mountain landscapes, coffee plantations, canyons forged by the rivers at the source of the mountain ranges, enjoy a warm climate and breathe fresh air, know the sweetness of its people, tasting the typical sweets of this region.

You can take a short walk to the Guilque waterfall, visit the small paneleras industries called "trapiches", get to the heart of this tourist route: "women artisans weavers in toquilla straw" and the famous "hot panama" hat. You will visit the Basilica of Our Lady of the Rosary of Sandona, where the largest carved Christ in South America is located.

Continuing with the tour, we visit towns that lie at the foot of the Galeras Volcano, such as La Florida, Consaca and Yacuanquer, rich in history and culture.

INCLUDE: medical assistance card, transportation, entrance to the artisans' workshop, typical snack, typical lunch, specialized guide, entrance to the mill in the village of El Ingenio, lodging in selected hotel and interaction with artisans and community.


You will have a great experience to spend a day with a family of the Inga or Kamentza community, who will share with the visitor everything related to their worldview, culture, traditional and ancestral medicine, the environment and nature. In the house of the Inga or Kamentza, a tour of the chagra is made, identifying medicinal plants, and a ceremony of harmonization and spiritual cleansing can be performed. On this day, a healthy food is tasted, according to the wellness day. When the night arrives, you get ready to stay in the house of the indigenous family prepared for the attention of tourists. 

INCLUDE: ground transportation, medical assistance card, entrance to maloca and installation, talk with the taita, entrance to the botanical garden, spiritual cleansing, lodging in maloca or taita's house, breakfast, typical lunch at the site to be visited, specialized guide and interaction with local communities.


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